Whales and Dolphins Screen Saver

Whales and Dolphins Screen Saver 1.0

Whales and Dolphins Screen saver shows animations of lovely marine mammals
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Whales and Dolphins Screen saver shows animations of these lovely marine mammals. See Humpback Whales, Pantropical Spotted Dolphins, Orcas, and several other species.
This amazing screen saver shows fabulous images of whales who are believed to be the largest animals to have ever lived. Do you know that a whale can be up to 33 m (110ft) long, about the same length as a Boeing 737, and weigh 150 tons? Just imagine how huge this mammal is! Download this screen saver and watch the amazing inhabitants of the world's oceans!

With this amazing screen saver you will also enjoy nice dolphins. These lovely mammals are considered to be amongst the most intelligent of animals and their often friendly appearance and seemingly playful attitude have made them popular in human culture. Dolphins have a universal appeal, symbolizing freedom, joy, grace and serenity , uplifting the spirits of many people all around the world. Having Whales and Dolphins Screen Saver installed on your computer, you will have those exciting feelings of being swimming with these incredible animals.

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  • Nice Pictures and animations


  • The dolphins animations could more realistic
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